PhD (Pol. Econ) Syd M.Sc (Urban Econ) Lond. BSc (Land Econ) KNUST




























Franklin Obeng-Odoom is with Development Studies within the Department of Political and Economic Studies at the University of Helsinki, where he is Associate Professor of Sustainability Science. He is also a Member of the Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science, where he leads the Social Sustainability of Urban Transformations in the Global South theme. Previously, he taught at various universities in Australia where he was Director of Higher Degree Research Programs at the University of Technology Sydney.

Franklin's research interests are centred on the political economy of development, cities, and natural resources. His doctoral work in political economy was supervised by Frank Stilwell: a well-known public intellectual and, notably, the doyen of political economy in Australia. He studied Georgist philosophy and political economy at the Henry George School of Social Science in Chicago, USA and worked on the institutional economics of Richard Theodore Ely and Gunnar Myrdal at the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development in Geneva, Switzerland.

Obeng-Odoom has made various contributions to political economy. He is the author of four books, including Oiling the Urban Economy (Routledge, London), The Myth of Privatizing Nature (University of Toronto Press, Toronto), and Reconstructing Urban Economics (Zed, London), which is listed in the top five entries for the Egon-Matzner-Award for Socio-Economics in 2017. His fifth book, to be published by Cambridge University Press, New York, is entitled, Property, Institutions, and Social Stratification in Africa. He guest-edited the special issue of the Journal of Australian Political Economy on 'Global Economic Inequalities and Development', a controversial analysis of which forced the International Monetary Fund to issue an official statement in defence of its policies. Obeng-Odoom is Associate Editor of the Forum for Social Economics , Editor of African Review of Economics and Finance, and Series Editor of Edinburgh Studies in Urban Political Economy.

Obeng-Odoom's research has generated modest, but diffused, academic interest. His work is widely used for instruction at universities such as Harvard, Cambridge, and the London School of Economics. The recipient of a number of reputable research awards, Obeng-Odoom was named a Dan David Prize Scholar in 2010, a World Social Science Fellow in 2013 and, in 2015, was elected to the Fellowship of the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Franklin Obeng-Odoom received the Patrick J. Welch Award from the Association for Social Economics in 2016 and the 2017 Kapp Prize for research that exemplifies the work of K.W. Kapp and best demonstrates the theoretical perspectives of the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy.